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Landscapes from Here and There

European and Western Landscapes

Sunset on Big Sur Rocks, California
Sunset, Big Sur, California
Sunset Near Big Sur, California
Lower Yosemite Falls in Winter
Rock Detail, Zion, Utah
Monument Valley, Arizona
Monument Valley in B&W
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Grand Canyon, Arizona, Winter Scene
Waterfall at New Paltz, NY, in B&W
Grand Canyon in Winter
Sunrise, Florida Keys
Water  Fall at New Paltz, New York
Sunrise, Florida Keys
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Death Valley, California
Yosemite Chapel, Yosemite, California
Death Valley, California, in the style of Ansel Adams
The Climb to Mount Blanc, france
Sunset at Mesa Verde, Colorado
Sunrise on Misty Day
Sunrise Through Farm Sprinklers
Sunrise over Redland
Sunset, Key Largo
Matheson Hammock Beach, Miami
Island off Key West, Florida
Pond in Big Cypress Swamp