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The Tropical Beauty of South Florida

The southernmost tip of Florida is composed by Homestead, Redland, and the Florida Keys.
The Bird Bath
The Mysterious Castle-House on Redland Road
Ruins of the Castle-House
Porch of the Castle-Hose
Sunrise in Redland
Sunrise in Irrigation Mist
Moon Set over Redland
White Peacock Drying Feather
Albino Peacock
Redland Ranch in Late Afternoon
Horse at Sunset
Spider Webs
Wild Plants Growing in Red Bucket
Blue Bird Bath
An Expressionist View of Redland Flora
Redland Statuary
Potato Vine
Ruined Gate and Fence
The Farm Wagon
The AMango Grove
Redland Tree Nursery
Sunset on Islamorada, Florida Keys.
Watching an Islamorada Sunset.
Croton Impressionism
Yakaks off the Florida Keys
The Abandoned Castle_House at Sunrise
The Coral Castle Museum Courtyard
Key West Flower Shop
A Redland Tropical Garden
Sunset in Islamorada
Sunset on Florida Bay
White Peacock